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The Real Carriage Door Company ShopRooted firmly in the Northwest tradition, Real Carriage Door Company is located in Washington State on Puget Sound. From our 16,000 square foot facility we handcraft and ship beautiful wood doors to our customers all over the United States and Canada. The Real Carriage Door Family feels privileged to design and build right here in scenic Gig Harbor. Plus, it's where the wood is. Whether fine-grained Douglas Fir or beautiful Cedar, the Pacific Northwest has some of the best wood in quality and beauty in the whole world.

Our Story

Don Rees, Real Carriage Doors

Real Carriage Door Company is in the business of crafting fine wooden carriage garage doors in the style, tradition, and function of original carriage house doors. In fact, we are leading a renaissance in the carriage door business with our real swing-out carriage doors. We strive to continue innovating new designs and applications, while also improving the quality of our Real Carriage Doors.

Don Rees, builder/designer has been building authentic one-of-a-kind homes since 1976. His projects often incorporate his own wood doors. Don created his first swing-out carriage garage doors on a custom home in 1995. Soon his idea found a home in all his projects and became a significant part of Rees Builders. We found a market for handcrafted doors because they stand above standard garage doors in their quality, unique design and operation. Soon business drove Don into creating the Real Carriage Door Company from his original idea. Don continues training his competent staff, overseeing daily operations, creating new designs, and pressing new innovations in doors.

What our customers say about us:

Practically every time I'm out working in my yard people stop to ask about the doors. It still gives me a little charge when I pull into my driveway and see them.

- Phil, San Jose, California (CA)

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