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Introducing the Artist-in-Residence series

Mahogany doors with bronze sculpture panels Mahogany doors with bronze sculpture panels in forest

Real Carriage Door Company introduces the Artist-in-residence series of handcrafted doors. Rich in tradition and material, these wood doors with custom bronze panels boast an unmatched uniqueness for both private residences and public arenas.

Art & Architecture

Across time, Art and Architecture have long since been linked in an ethereal bond, surrounding us with shapes and light, creating our dwelling place and forming our world. The Artist-in-Residence series of doors, creatively unfolds the crease of distinction between the two, celebrating the art of passage in ways that only the imagination can limit. Experience Art and Architecture like never before.

An invitation to engage...

Real Carriage Door Company invites its discerning clients to engage in creating unique works with our permanent resident artist, sculptor Mardie Rees. A graduate of Laguna College of Art and Design, Rees specializes in cast bronze sculpture. Works can stand alone ‘in the round’, or be designed as relief panels set into a frame, creating a unique door for unique applications.

Dawn and Dusk by sculptor Mardie Rees. The Art-nouveau inspired bronze panels contain the allegorical figures of Dawn and Dusk, cyclically welcoming each other as time passes in earthly rhythm. The dark tones of Mahogany give these art pieces the frame they deserve.

Bronze door panels detail Dawn portrait closeup

Awaken to the song of wings, that every morning softly sings,
watch now as the sun sinks low, amber light and shadows grow

For more information about Artist-in-Residence doors, please contact us at 800-694-5977.
To see more of Mardie Rees's work, visit