carriage doors

1. Real Carriage Door Company doors are beautiful! How do I get more information and pricing?

Doors are priced according to size, door style, wood species and door thickness, glass options, if the doors are for an unheated garage, or a temperature controlled space. Please call 800. 694.5977, or email: info@realcarriage.com for pricing specific to your project. We look forward to assisting you!

2. Do you have stock size carriage doors?

At this time, we do not have pre-made, ready-to-ship carriage doors, entry doors or custom sliding doors. We are a custom door shop and build each and every door custom to your specifications.

3. Do you build overhead garage doors?

No, we do not offer overhead doors. We build true, swing out carriage doors, sliding doors, folding doors, entry doors and Dutch doors.

4. Can entry doors be made to match the carriage doors?

Yes, we are able to design entry doors and interior doors to match and/or coordinate with your carriage doors.

5. Do you build Dutch doors?

Yes, we do offer Dutch doors for both, single and double doors (up to a certain width). The ‘Dutch cut’ can be placed at most any height that you would like. The offset between the top and the bottom door panels is weather stripped to ensure a tight weather seal.

6. Can I get an insulated door?

No, we do not offer insulated doors. With solid wood construction, we do not split the panels to insert a rigid insulation as that may cause cupping and warping of the panels. We do, however, offer either 1 ¾” or 2 ¼” thick doors.

7. What is the R-value for your doors?

R-values are relatively low on all solid wood doors and will vary with door thickness and glass type. Please keep in mind that doors are only as good as how well they seal.

8. Can carriage doors be used for living spaces?

Yes. Carriage doors may be used for living spaces and conditioned spaces. We offer weather stripped jambs, astragals and sills for pedestrian use.

9. How well do your carriage doors seal?

All pre-hung doors provide a tight weather seal for conditioned spaces for both, inswing and outswing doors. Single rabbeted jambs have a kerfed-in weather strip for the sides and top of the doors. The astragal (that covers where the doors meet), also provides a tight weather seal. There are a few solutions for the bottom of the doors for a tight weather seal at the bottom. We offer mechanical, automatic door bottoms and ADA compliant drivable aluminum thresholds for vehicular or pedestrian use. We offer pedestrian wood sills, or ADA aluminum saddle thresholds, with standard silicone fins (mortised into the bottom of the door) that also provide seals for conditioned spaces.

10. Can sliding doors be weather tight?

At this time, sliding doors do not provide a tight weather seal suitable for conditioned (heated and cooled) spaces. Perimeter brush sweeps are available to help keep out weather and debris.

11. Do doors have plywood panels? How are your doors built?

All of our doors are constructed board by board, using solid wood – not plywood. With mortise and tenon, stile and rail construction, the exterior and the interior of the door is exactly the same with through board construction.

12. Are the doors pre-hung, or do you offer jambs?

Single entry doors, and most double entry doors arrive as pre-hung units that include: door, weather stripped jamb, hinges, sill and bottom door fin.
Carriage doors are shipped as knock-down units that include: single rabbeted, weather stripped jambs and astragals. We build the jambs to the doors, mortise both, doors and jambs, for butt hinge placement and then take the jamb apart for shipping. Once received, the jamb is re-assembled, installed and ready for the doors to be hung.
Jambs are fabricated to the depth that you need for your opening (i.e., 2×6 construction typically has a 6 9/16” standard jamb depth).

13. What hinges are best for my doors?

For a set of doors up to 12’ wide (each leaf 60”W) we will provide heavy duty, ball-bearing butt hinges. Doors over 12’ wide would require using either strap hinges (half surface or full surface) or pivot hinges. You may certainly use strap hinges on smaller doors. All of the strap hinges that we sell are a commercial grade and are functional hinges.

14. What wood species are available? What is the best wood for my area?

Vertical grain Doug fir, Sapele mahogany and Western red cedar are the three most popular wood species. Rustic alder, reclaimed redwood, reclaimed fir, red or white oak, Cypress, Spanish cedar, cherry, and maple, as well as many other wood species, are available.

15. What is the best way to finish my doors?

We are not a finish shop and suggest that you consult your local professional paint store for their recommendations for your area. We provide guidelines for finishing your doors with Dalys Paint and Wood Finishes. (brochure)

16. Do you offer automated openers for carriage doors?

RCD has two automated openers available for carriage doors. The openers are meant for vehicular use only. The Franklin Autoswing opener has two motors that mount above each door (7 ½” above the jamb is required for mounting) and are operated by one control panel. This keeps the ceiling free of any overhead mechanics. Doors can be set to open up to 1250. The ceiling mount opener installs, much like a traditional overhead opener, on the ceiling with push rods attached to the doors for outswing function.

17. What if I want to operate my carriage doors manually?

You may operate the doors manually with an entryset for the active leaf and cane bolts or drop bolts for the inactive door to secure it.

18. What kind of door hardware is available?

Entrysets can be: Tubular | Mortise | Multi-point

Tubular entrysets are the most common found on residential and commercial doors and provides excellent security. They have two holes bored in the door; one for the latch and a separate one for the deadbolt. This single point locking system does require keying the deadbolt when exiting.

Mortise entrysets are more secure and have a combined latch and deadbolt in one cassette that slides into the mortise pocket on edge of the door that (most commonly found in older homes). This does not require a key to lock the door when exiting.

Multi-point hardware is the most secure offering three locking points with shoot bolts on the top and bottom and one at the center of the door. Multi-point is an excellent choice for tall doors and double patio style doors.

19. Do you finish the doors to my specifications?

Real Carriage Door Company does what we do best – build gorgeous, high quality doors. We are not a finish shop, therefore, we ship doors raw, ready for light sanding and finishing when you receive them.

20. What if I have an existing opening?

Whether you have an existing opening, or new construction, we will work with you to build doors to fit your needs! If you have an existing opening, we can build to those dimensions. If you have new construction, we can build to the rough opening dimensions that you give us, or if you have a particular door or opening size, we will provide you with what the rough opening needs to be.

21. Will you work with my contractor?

We will work with you, your contractor, builder, designer or architect. Everyone receives the same pricing making it comfortable for everyone to understand.

22. Are doors difficult to install?

If you, or your contractor, has the ability to hang a pre-hung door, there should not be difficulty hanging our doors. We provide an installation manual for easy reference. . Doors can be set to open up to 1250. The ceiling mount opener installs, much like a traditional overhead opener, on the ceiling with push rods attached to the doors for outswing function.

23. Can you ship to my location? If so, what are the costs for shipping?

Real Carriage Door Company ships doors throughout the US and Canada. We are available to assist if you require marine transportation. Shipping is based on crated weight and delivery zip code. We can provide an estimate based on the doors you are interested in.

24. How will the doors ship?

Doors are crated; doors in one crate (for one set of doors), and the jamb is in its own crate. Doors ship via common carrier to your local service center. Once you have the tracking number, you may set up the delivery of your doors! In most cases, the truck will have a lift gate, but you are responsible for removing the crates from the lift gate. If it is a large order with multiple doors, you may want to have a forklift available.

25. Do you have distributors?

We do not have distributors. Every door is custom built by skilled craftsmen in our Gig Harbor, Washington shop.

26. May I buy the hardware and build my own doors?

Hardware is only available with a door purchase. .

27. What is your lead time?

Lead times vary (8 weeks up to 16 weeks) depending on size and complexity of door order, as well as other orders on the shop floor on any given day. We let you know the lead time (production time) with your formal quote. The actual production time is based on when the shop drawings are approved and returned.

28. I like everything I’ve read! What is the process for purchasing a door?

Our custom door sales staff is most happy to assist you with a ballpark estimate over the phone! If you know the opening size; whether existing or new construction (we can build to either), door style, wood species and other particular details, we can send you a preliminary estimate with options and ideas. When you have all of the particulars, we can provide you with a formal quote with all of the details and specifications. If you would like to proceed with the door order, we require a 45% deposit (payable via credit card over the phone, online, check by mail, or wire transfer). With receipt of the deposit, we issue shop drawings for you and your contractor to review. Once the shop drawings are approved and returned, your doors will go into production! About a week before the doors are completely finished and crated, we will contact you with shipping information and the final invoice – to be paid prior to shipping.

Custom sliding doors

1. Do you offer sliding doors?

We offer a variety of custom sliding doors (interior or exterior use), barn doors and barn door kits (for interior use only). We fabricate and offer hardware to hang doors as small as 15” wide to large doors in excess of 8’ wide; with weights under 100 pounds and upward of 3200 pounds.

2. Do you have sliding hardware for the sliding doors?

Flat Track sliding hardware and the Architectural Series hardware can accommodate single sliding doors, as well as bi-parting doors. Finishes for the Flat Track include: raw steel, powder coat finishes in an assortment of colors, and stainless steel, while the Architectural Series is available in stainless steel only. Box rail hardware can be mounted to a soffit (ceiling) or side mounted and used with single doors, bi-parting doors or bypassing doors. We offer Soft Stop closures for interior doors.

3. Can sliding doors be automated?

Yes, sliding doors are available for automation with the Edison sliding door opener. Single doors, bi-parting and bypassing doors may all be automated. Please consult with our knowledgeable sales staff regarding automation.

4. Can I use your sliding hardware with my own door?

Yes, you may use Real Sliding Hardware with your own door. Please consult with our sales staff for additional information.