Carriage Door Openers

Why get out of your buggy (i.e. car) to open your swing-out or sliding Real Carriage Doors? At the push of a button, your doors can swing or slide automatically, welcoming you home. Our openers are even available separately from our doors! Choose from our electric opener systems: The Franklin Autoswing™ (AOW2), The Fremont Opener (AOCM), or our Edison Opener (AOS).


Franklin Autoswing™ Carriage Door Opener (AOW2)

Are you looking for a reliable opener for your out-swing carriage doors? Look no further! The Franklin Autoswing is the answer. Brilliantly engineered, this automatic opener offers quiet operation and delivers superior torque.

As America’s premier builder of carriage doors, Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware developed the Franklin with its European manufacturer directly, tailoring it to suit carriage doors. The Franklin Autoswing will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The Franklin system is mounted just above the doors, leaving the ceiling clear of any track system overhead, facilitating accent lighting and vertical lifts for a more usable, attractive space. Each low-voltage motor is housed in a sleek enclosure featuring a keyed knob for manual override. Once installed, the Franklin Autoswing is ready to operate with minimal programming. The one step auto-set feature programs the door to operate with the minimum required torque for maximum safety.

While we recommend a professional installer, many builders, contractors, and homeowners install the Franklin Autoswing successfully. Whether you are a homeowner or professional installer, your full warranty applies.

The Franklin Autoswing now comes with a full three-year manufacturer’s warranty. This impressive opener has an impeccable service record and meets or exceeds UL 325 Safety Standards.

Our customers receive prompt, knowledgeable technical support and customer service. Take advantage of free shipping on orders of $300 or more when shipped within the contiguous US and Canada. (Please call for shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii and international locations.)

The Franklin Autoswing includes the following parts to automate one pair of carriage doors:

  • (2) Motor Operators and Pivot Arms
  • Control Box Panel, 120 volt
  • Pair of Safety Infrared Sensors
  • (2) 4 button remotes (will work with 4 sets of openers)
  • Wall Control Station (with low voltage wiring)

NOTE: This is NOT the “Estate Swing”. The Franklin Autoswing is a NEW, high quality, reliable carriage door opener system tailored by Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware. After extensive experience with other unreliable openers on the market, we developed the maintenance-free Franklin Autoswing®. With state-of-the-art circuit boards, simpler wiring and easier setup and programming, the Franklin is easier to install than ever before. Make no mistake, full warranty is in force for homeowners and professional installers alike.

Download Franklin Manual

Franklin Operation Video

NEW PRICE! $1,508 $1,295 (FREE SHIPPING**)


Fremont Opener

The Fremont Opener is unlike any other. With its patented German engineering, this opener is uniquely suited to operating out-swing carriage doors. The Fremont is durable, surprisingly quiet and very easy to install with our installation manual specifically written for this unique out-swing application.

As America’s premier builder of carriage doors, Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware needed a solid solution to conveniently operate carriage garage doors and the Fremont Opener has proven to be an affordable, reliable solution for many years. As the experts in carriage doors and the openers to drive them, we are convinced that the Fremont Opener will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

This opener offers quiet operation and unique design through its patented technology. A traveling 24V DC motor attaches directly to the outswing doors via push rods, offering extremely quiet operation. The Fremont uses the smallest number of moving parts of any opener on the market, making it exceptionally durable. Fully automatic force adjustment will not allow an obstructed door to burn out the motor. A soft start and soft stop makes for smooth operation and meets or exceeds UL 325 safety standards. The Fremont Opener requires zero maintenance and comes with a lifetime warranty on the whole unit, plus a 2-year warranty on all accessories.


The Fremont Opener (AOCM) includes:

    • Clear installation instructions specific to swing-out operation written by the experts at Real Carriage***
    • Heavy duty 24V DC motor for maximum performance (available in 3/4 and 1 horsepower options)
    • Rail (10’) for ceiling mount application (NOTE: Rail does not have to be mounted horizontal but can slope up reasonably from the opening mount.)
    • Two (2) push rods for one pair of doors up to a 9’ opening (upgrade rod length for wider openings, see below for options)
    • Pair of photo safety eyes
    • Two (2) transmitters and interior wall station (2-button transmitters will operate up to two openings)
    • Secure Rolling Code Technology, Homelink compatible – AM 310MHz (adaptor for 315MHz available upon request)
    • Meet or exceeds UL 325 safety standards

Download Fremont Installation Manual

Fremont Operation Video


  • AOCM ¾ HP Opener Kit (up to 9’ opening) $398
  • AOCM 1 HP Opener Kit (up to 9’ opening) $428
  • Upgrade to Longer Rods for 9’+ to 10′ opening +$20
  • Upgrade to Longer Rods for 10’+ to 11′ opening +$30
  • Upgrade to Longer Rods for 11’+ to 13′ opening +$98 (requires LTL shipping)


Edison Sliding Openers™ (AOS) for Garages Doors or Pole Barns

Don’t get out of your car. Don’t get off of your tractor. Let the Edison Sliding Opener open your barn doors with ease! Great for vehicular sliding door applications, the Edison will revolutionize your sliding door operation. Now you can open a sliding door just as you would your conventional garage door. It’s that simple with the Edison Sliding Opener! The Edison is ideal for commercial, agricultural, or residential applications. There is nothing out there as simple, affordable, powerful, quiet, or reliable.

As America’s premier builder of carriage doors, Real Carriage Door and Sliding Hardware developed and designed the Edison in 2008 with collaboration from our European manufacturer, tailoring it to be simple, robust, and ideal for the most common sliding setups possible: Single-Slide (single door or multiple cascading doors moving in one direction to open/close), Bi-Parting (two doors meeting in the middle of opening), Bypassing (two doors passing by each other in the same opening)

The Edison is available in three powerful models:

¾ HP:

  • Medium duty
  • Has a slightly faster opening/closing speed
  • For doors up to 300lbs
  • 7lb max force to open


  • Heavy duty
  • For doors up to 700lbs
  • 12lb max force to open

1HP Heavy Duty:

  • A maximum power unit
  • Ideal for agricultural and large commercial door applications
  • For doors up to 1,000lbs
  • 20lb max force to open


Key Features:

  • System can be mounted to the ceiling or wall
  • Single door or multiple door applications
  • Meets or exceeds UL 325 safety standards
  • Great for pole barns, workshops, sheds, garages, and more

Upgrade option: Simply change out the motor should you decide to upgrade or downgrade to different motor strength. The change out is easy and without any major disruption as the setup is the same, only the motors are different. All this for a simple motor only replacement purchase.

Video of Edison Opener

* Free shipping is available on purchases of $300 or more to any location within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada. Free shipping is not available for Hawaii, Alaska, or for orders requiring LTL shipping.

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*** Real Carriage Door Co Inc. is the parent company of Real Sliding Hardware.™ We needed quality hardware and openers for the doors we build. We developed what we needed and made it the best because that is what our clients expect from us. If you need doors to go with your new hardware, please check out Real Carriage Doors online or call us at (253) 853-3815 and speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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