At Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware, we believe in the importance of good design and building. Whether you are a homeowner remodeling your garage or an architect laying out plans for a grand hall, we have the handcrafted wooden doors you have been looking for. We created our door lines to match a variety of Architectural styles. Browse our styles below or leaf through our gallery to see some installed doors. Looking for something truly original? Our experienced design staff is always ready to help you design the perfect addition to your project.


All styles are suggestions, we can design a custom door for your specific architectural style.


Craftsman design has long been revered for its hand-touched appeal and attention to detail. Boasting a harmony with many architectural styles, our Craftsman Traditional Line is simple and elegant. From Arts and Crafts bungalows to the modern ranch type home, this door will make a rich addition to your home’s architecture.


Time-honored tradition of early barn doors inspired our Classic Line. This line features solid wood doors with diagonal “Z” and “X” braces and true tongue-and-groove paneling. These handcrafted wood garage doors look distinguished whether you’re putting up a simple, all-wood CL15N on a single car garage, or gracing your grand carriage house with three stately CL05B British X’s.


The allure of the studio line lies in a simple philosophy: Capture the light, frame the views. Named after American artists like Mary Cassatt and John Singer Sargent, each Studio Line door is a tribute to those who create, and those who enjoy the created. Let the warm, natural light bring atmosphere to your space. Relax in comfort as you look out an expanse of glass to the landscape beyond.


Why cut down another tree? All of our doors can be built out of beautiful, reclaimed woods. You will cherish both the texture and permanence of timeworn, old growth recycled wood for its story. Choose Green doors for sustainability and beauty.