Steeped in tradition, sliding garage doors and interior sliding barn doors have been in use for centuries. The familiarity, practicality and space-saving design of sliding barn doors make them a great solution for many projects. Whether the application is a barn, garage, interior space, or studio, our horizontal sliding doors will fit the bill.


Confused about sliding barn door hardware? We’ve got you covered with our sliding kits for Bi-Parting, Single Sliding, and Bypass applications. We make beautiful hardware for interior sliding doors and exterior sliding garage doors. We are always ready to help you select a fitting door design for your project. Want something a little different? RCD has an experienced design staff to help you design the perfect door.

Read on to learn more about sliding doors.


Flat Track

Box Rail




A pair of doors sliding open from the center is considered a Bi-Parting door. The doors slide in the same plane (on the same track) and contact each other in the middle when closed. Each leaf can be automatically operated with our Edison Sliding Opener.


In a single sliding application, one door leaf slides to the side of the opening. Usually, two door leaves are splined (joined) together to slide as a single unit. Operate this door automatically with our Edison Sliding Opener.

bypassing doors

Doors that slide in different planes (separate tracks) are said to bypass each other. The track may be mounted on the face of the building, or within the confines of the jamb. Only the innermost leaf can be automatically operated with our Edison Sliding Opener.


1. Track
Heavy gauge track mounts above or inside the opening.
2. Track Bracket
Track is supported by these brackets.
3. Trolley
Rolling trolleys suspend the doors’ weight.
4. Center Stop
Stops the doors at the center of a bi-parting system.
5. Stop
Heavy duty stops keep the door from the track’s end.
6. Door Handle
Handles and door pulls allow the door to open.
7. Concealed T-Guide
These guides are hidden in a groove at the bottom.
8. Sliding Garage Door Openers
Automatic Openers add convenience.