A full circle top entry door, boasting a circular window quartered by lead and jeweled with a crystal sphere. The flaked Lacewood panel is a pleasing complement to the figured grain of the Sapele framework.

The Butler

A simple combination of horizontal and vertical, beveled and flat panels. In stark contrast to the lighter Hickory and Birdseye Maple, the dark Wenge shelf visually slices the unique wooden door into a Dutch design.

Chartres Gothic

Named after Chartres Cathedral in France, this arched Gothic entry door is built entirely from American Black Cherry wood. Hand-carved vinework graces the top of the arch, adding a unique elegance unmatched by machine.

Craftsman Dutch

This simple all-Afrormosia door features raised panels and leaded glass. The cranberry-colored Bloodwood makes a crisp window stop and Dutch shelf.

Prairie Style

Purity of geometry is what drives the Prairie Style entry door. Reminiscent of details drafted by the great Frank Lloyd Wright, leaded stained glass punctuates the corners of the window. Bloodwood pegs highlight the door’s structure, solidly constructed of Quartersawn White Oak.

Lone Wolf Orc

The original ‘Lone Wolf’ door is the Orc. Usually manufactured from our Reclaimed Douglas Fir, this door is built to mark the territory of great men: thinkers, dreamers, and doers. A patchwork of distressed metals skins the panels, flanking the triptych of leaded windows.


A harmonious arrangement of panels is what identifies the Quartet. Perhaps the door boasting the most contrast in material, dark Wenge panels sit inside an Eastern Hard Maple frame.


The dynamic angles of the Lacewood herringbone paneling are soothed by the rich mocha tones of this door’s Walnut framework. The crowning touch of this specialty interior door is a multicolored shelf, crafted with strips of a variety of exotic hardwoods.

Equestrian Crossbuck

The simplicity of the Equestrian Crossbuck is a tribute to early craftsmanship. This door is a suited addition to a barn’s exterior as an entry door. The warmth of the Rustic Alder also makes it a great choice for your interior door style.

The Raven

The dark writings of Edgar Allen Poe unveil the mystery of the Raven door. This stately design is enriched by the deep chocolate brown tones of Wenge. “Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore’.”