“Here it is, the restored Life Saving Station featuring your doors. It was modeled faithfully from 1875 plans drawn up by the US Life-Saving Service architect, James L. Parkinson. Your doors look great. Thanks for being part of a super project.”

– Ken, Northport, New York (NY)

“We are both very, very happy with the doors. They look so elegant on the garage. We enjoy seeing them every day, especially when we turn into our driveway from the street. We will continue to enjoy them for many, many years. The operation of the openers has been flawless. We would especially like to thank you for all your help.”

– Rich & Trevor, Toms River, New Jersey (NJ)

“My doors are gorgeous! Thank you so much for all of your help.”

– Joyce, Los Angeles, California (CA)

“The garage doors have arrived in Rhode Island and are sooooo beautiful. The craftsmanship is exceptional and the wood is gorgeous.”

– Jim, Warwick, Rhode Island (RI)

“Our doors are installed and look great. In fact, most of the neighbors have stopped by to comment on them!”

– Sean, San Francisco, California (CA)

“I wanted to let you know that the doors we purchased arrived in good shape and all the carpenters and craftspeople working on our project are agog at the quality of the wood and craftsmanship of the doors.”

– George, Santa Ynez, California (CA)

“Working with the Real Carriage Door Company was a pleasure. I received personalized service every step of the way. I use my garage as my design studio. Replacing my traditional garage door with the carriage doors has added beauty and light to my space.”

– Tammara, Seattle, Washington (WA)

“Everything went smoothly and I couldn’t be more pleased with the look and quality of the doors. I am so excited. They really dress up the house and are the perfect doors for my bakery. Thanks again for the outstanding service and product.”

– Garrett, Back to Eden Bakery, Portland, Oregon (OR)

“My new doors tie the entire house together, and really complete my remodeling project. I couldn’t have chosen a better option. I’ve had strangers come raving about the doors and asking me where I got them!”

– Jen, Seattle, Washington (WA)

“It is hard to capture how much of an impact the doors have on our building. This is an old body shop that we converted to a loft style house. We are now famous for our “DOORS”… we are known in Petersburg as “the doors”. We are completely satisfied with the quality of product and customer service.”

– Joan, Petersburg, Virginia (VA)

“We love the doors and they were easy to install!”

– Dave, Warrensville, North Carolina (NC)

“I’ve probably spent an hour and a half admiring the workmanship of all five doors. We are delighted with the detailed execution and craftsmanship of the doors and look forward to using your doors in our next house. Thanks again for all your help with the design, selection and shipping process. From start to finish, you guys are the best!”

– John, Saint Paul, Minnesota (MN)

“They are absolutely beautiful. I knew they were going to be beautiful, but I didn’t know they were going to be furniture beautiful.”

– Richard, Knoxville, Tennessee (TN)

“We just wanted to let you know that we think you did an excellent job crafting our new garage doors. Really beautiful. Exceeded our expectations. I have to admit it was such a hassle free experience that I was almost worried that it was too good to be true and that the doors would not look anything like we expected. Not the case at all. Thanks again for the great work.”

– Claudine, Lake Forest Park, Washington (WA)

“Practically every time I’m out working in my yard people stop to ask about the doors. It still gives me a little charge when I pull into my driveway and see them.”

– Phil, San Jose, California (CA)

“We love them and our neighbors do too.”

– Matt, Brooklyn, New York (NY)

“We received the doors yesterday. The guys, and homeowner, are extremely impressed.From the package to the product. Thank you so much for your effort and your service!”

– Diana, Jacksonville, Oregon (OR)

“Thanks a million. Of all the things we did to this house, we get more compliments on these doors than anything. Several people have asked where we got them and were surprised that they are fully operable doors. Best money we spent so far! Thanks again!”

– Greg, Solana Beach, California (CA)

“Nice doors. Installation went pretty smoothly and they really set the house apart from any other. Thanks!”

– Travis, Columbus, Ohio (OH)

“The doors are perfect! Thanks for everything. We would be glad to recommend you and your doors to anybody you would like to refer to us. We would also be glad to show the doors to anybody who is interested. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.”

– Dee & Mike, Del Mar, California (CA)

“Finally, I have the real carriage doors I have been wanting for such a long time. The door handle and lock system works great and is just what we wanted. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process, from my first call, to follow up calls about measurements, hardware etc. to the finished product.”

– Craig, Portland, Oregon (OR)

“I can’t say enough how much we like our doors or how many ooohs and aaahs I get not just from neighbors, but people who just stop. I could have sold my home 1000 times just because of my garage doors.”

– Linda & Rusty, Birmingham, Alabama (AL)

“We love our doors. Our neighbors have given us a lot of compliments, and we’ve already given out a few referrals. Thanks again.”

– Elisabeth, San Francisco, California (CA)

“I am delighted with the doors and the old world look that it gives my carriage house.”

– Bob, Alamo, California (CA)

“With our house turning 100 years old next year, we are restoring it to its original beauty and craftsmanship. The quality and beauty of these doors, especially the reclaimed Green Line wood, is absolutely the defining feature on our carriage house. The doors are stunningly beautiful, artistically elegant, and have a character and artisanship that you just can’t find in other doors!”

– Sinjin, Denver, Colorado (CO)

“Oh, my gosh….we are honored. They do look fabulous. When they first put the doors up….I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Most of all, thanks for making such beautiful doors. They were just the finishing touch we were looking for. We’ve already shown them off to many….including all the people who stay next door at the B&B and come down the drive. It is a real show piece with those doors.”

– Margy, Whidbey Island, Washington (WA)

“I have averaged about one person a week for the last year inquiring about where I got those awesome doors…”

– Sarah, Berkley, California (CA)

“The doors are great! They have greatly improved the appearance of my garage, and the windows let in a lot of light. Some of my neighbors have commented on them, and they all remark how nice they look.”

– Ben, Sunnyvale, California (CA)

“The doors are beautiful and arrived in perfect condition.”

– Craig, Portland, Oregon (OR)

“Thanks so much for all your help in the process – you made it a very good, easy experience.”

– Dan, Bedford Hills, New York (NY)

“They certainly are the nicest looking garage doors I have ever seen.”

– Paul, Highland Park, New Jersey (NJ)

“The doors really look beautiful. It was what I was hoping for.”

– Steve, San Francisco, California (CA)

“I got the doors. Oh, they’re gorgeous! I have received compliments on them already, from neighbors coming by to look at them. They are beautiful!”

– Ed, Massapequa, New York (NY)

“The doors arrived today. They’re beautiful! I was planning on painting them, but now I’m not sure since the wood looks great. Decisions, decisions! Thank you so much.”

– Kathy, Burlingame, California (CA)

“I just had to call you and say thanks for everything. The doors are a thing of beauty. Everybody who sees them says the same.”

– Robert, Goldston, North Carolina (NC)

“This type of door was the best possible solution since I am running in and out of the garage multiple times every day (car has no room in it) and no longer have to struggle with heaving up the old metal door.”

– Renate, Los Angeles, California (CA)

“They went in without any problem and fit great, the customer is extremely happy. As you can see the house is quite stately. The doors really add to that look of the house.”

– Bruce, President of Classic Garage Doors of Eastern CT

Thanks for all your help! We love our doors and so does everyone else that sees them.

– Craig, Lafayette, California (CA)

“The carriage doors bring a beautiful authenticity to my barn, generally one of the first things people compliment. I had been admiring the images online but the final result exceeded my expectations.”

– Brian, Carnation, Washington (WA)

“We built, from the ground up, a new 1900 craftsman home in the heart of the historical district of Claremont. The garage doors are a great topic of conversation from the neighbors and admirers of the home.”

– Hank, Claremont, California (CA)

“We love the doors. They are working out very well on a day to day basis and everyone who sees them comments on how great they are.”

– Josh, North Bend, Washington (WA)

“I appreciate all your help in getting me the finished look of my garage that I had hoped for.”

– JJ, Winchester, Virginia (VA)

“We love our doors so much and cannot imagine the house without them. The fir doors add beauty and a rustic sense of warmth.”

– Justin, Gig Harbor, Washington (WA)

“The doors are beautiful and wonderful to look at.”

– April, Corte Madera, California (CA)