Finishes and Patinas

Choosing the best hardware finish or patina for your project can be challenging. We are here to help with an array of different hardware finishes for you to pick from! Browse below to see the premium types of door hardware and bronze patina finishes we offer.


silicon bronze finishes

As living finishes, Ashley Norton solid bronze hardware patinas are designed to mature over time. Once installed the effects of age, climate, and touch will work in conjunction to create unique, contrasted color variations in your door hardware. The most frequently touched areas will highlight as the patina wears off and natural coppery shades of bronze are exposed. Dark Bronze Patina (BZ) is the standard finish in Ashley Norton’s Bronze hardware line.

Dark Bronze (BZ) is the most popular hardware patina in Ashley Norton’s Bronze line. This patina allows for the greatest uniformity in shade at the time of delivery. Standard finish.

Light Bronze (LT) is a hand finished patina done in small batches. Each batch will be similar in hue, however, different batches may have a slight variation in tone. Such differences are caused not only by the small variation in time for which the item is oxidized but also environmental factors such as humidity and temperature.

White Bronze (WL) patina creates a warm, contemporary ambiance. The color lends itself to modern decor, yet retains the age-old feel and look of bronze hardware. The white bronze patina is a living finish which will evolve with its environment over time, blending into its surroundings.

The Matte Black Coated (TC) hardware finish offers a look emanating from Tudor architecture around Stratford-upon-Avon in England. This unique finish is created by applying a black powder coat to the bronze base metal.*

Brass Finishes (Ashley Norton)

Don’t settle for steel base hardware, make a statement with Ashley Norton’s Real Brass hardware. Available finishes range from contemporary polished nickel finishes to more traditional satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze finishes. Dark and light rubbed bronze are dynamic. These “living” surfaces will take on unique hues as age, climate and touch work their charm, creating an ever-changing patina. Ashley Norton Brass standard finishes are Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze (.8) and Satin Nickel (.4). Seven additional finishes are custom manufactured to order.

.4: Satin Nickel (Standard Finish)
.8: Dark Oil
Rubbed Bronze
(Standard Finish)
.2: Satin Chrome
.9: Polished Chrome
.4B: Polished Nickel
.3: Polished Brass
.3U: Unlacquered Brass
.6: Light Oil
Rubbed Bronze


Rocky Mountain Hardware uses only the highest quality bronze to achieve unique designs. Silicon and white bronze are both alloys. Silicon bronze contains copper, silicon, and zinc creating a coppery-gold color. White bronze is composed of copper, manganese, nickel, and zinc producing a silver color.

Rocky Mountain Hardware products let the deep beauty of bronze speak for itself. Their hand-applied patinas enhance the hues of bronze creating an aged appearance. The photos shown here give a close representation of the true appearance of these patinas, however, the various elements of time, touch, and climate work together with the bronze and the patina to create a unique hue. Each piece, then, distinctly reflects its surroundings.

silicon bronze Patinas

(BL) Light Silicon
(BM) Silicon Medium
(BD) Silicon Dark
(BR) Silicon Rust
(BB) Silicon Brushed

White Bronze Patinas

(WL) White Light
(WM) White Medium
(WD) White Dark
(WB) White Brushed

Sun Valley Bronze Patinas

The oxidation process that Sun Valley Bronze uses to create patinas is an accelerated version of natural exposure to time, touch, and environment. Repeated handling of the hardware will lead to the graceful wear of the patina. Sun Valley Bronze believes patina wear is an inherent quality of the hardware. As with any hand-applied patina finish, color variations should be expected, lending character and distinction to elegant design.

silicon bronze Patinas

Silicon bronze contains the elements copper, silicon, and zinc resulting in a golden-copper hue. Color range: Polished Natural / Reddish-Brown / Dark Brown.

S: Silicon Bronze

No patina applied to the flat tumbled bronze. Color is a light brown with a matte finish.

S1: Satin Silicon Bronze

No patina applied. Color is light honey brown. Naturally oxidizes with age to light reddish-brown with some green in high humidity.

S2: Medium Reddish-Brown Patina

Color will darken over time.

S3: Dark Brown Patina

Often referred to as an oil-rubbed bronze finish. (similar to US10B)

White Bronze Patinas

W: White Bronze

No patina applied to the flat tumbled bronze. Color is a nickel-silver with a matte finish.

W1: Satin White Bronze

No patina applied. Color is bright nickel-silver.

W2: Medium Pewter Grey Patina

(similar to US15A)

W3: Dark Grey / Black Patina