There is nothing more stunningly authentic than wood carriage doors. More than just garage doors, these handmade creations are made of beautiful woods and have the outswing operation for which we’ve grown fondly accustomed. It just makes sense to adorn your garage, studio, or barn with a set of carriage doors because they offer a quality of looks and function uncommonly found in our modern era.

Your doors have been crafted with utmost care from beautiful hardwoods. Your selection of hardware such as hinges, bolts, and handles should accentuate the quality of the door with its functionality and integrity. Browse through our gallery of hand-picked favorites to choose the best addition to your solid wood doors.

For sliding doors, see our Sliding Hardware Kits and Pull Handles. For outswing Real Carriage Doors, see Automatic Openers, Entry Sets, Cane Bolts, Butt Hinges and Surface Strap Hinges. Note: Hinges, Cane Bolts, and Entry Sets only available with our doors.

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