Swinging Doors

There is nothing more stunningly authentic than swinging carriage, garage, or entry doors. These handmade creations are made of beautiful woods and have the outswing operation for which we’ve grown fondly accustomed. It just makes sense to adorn your garage, studio, or barn with a set of wooden swinging doors because they offer a quality of looks and function uncommonly found in our modern era. Join us as we return to the time-tested construction methods of mortise-and-tenon joinery. Ours are genuine solid wooden swinging doors that are built to last.

We encourage you to learn more about our custom wooden swing doors by exploring our swinging door gallery and carriage door designs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our swinging doors for sale!


Outswing or Inswing doors

Conventionally, wooden doors are outswing, but they may be inswing as well. Choose elegant manual hardware and transform your garage into a 19th-century carriage house, or set your wood garage doors swinging at the touch of a button with one of our openers.

Carriage Doors Made Simple

No need to worry, our swinging carriage and garage doors are easy to install! Any carpenter with door-hanging experience can easily manage a typical installation of our doors. Our easy-to-follow instructions also make it possible for you to do it yourself if you would prefer. Additionally, we are always available to answer any questions that you or your builder may have during the process of installing your doors. Feel free to contact our staff anytime if you have questions.


1. Wood Astragal
Kerf weather-stripped, seals the gap between the two doors when closed.
2. Door Sweeps
Bottom gap is sealed with nylon brush sweep. Adjustable for uneven pavement.


3. Jamb Assembly Kit:
For “prehung” carriage doors, choose our jambs and hinges.
3. Half Pintle straps or Butt Hinges:
These hinges can be premortised.


4. Cane Bolts:
Two cane bolts secure passive door for manual hardware operation.
5. Entryset:
Secures active door for manual hardware operation.
6. Automatic Opener
For automated carriage doors (no cane bolts or thumblatch needed).